Ways Gut Health and CBD are Connected 

CBD or Cannabidiol—comes in the carious type of shape like CBD oils, white label CBD vape pens, etc.—has an extremely fascinating connection to our gut health, which should surely be a part of supplement programs that promotes a healthy gut function. However, you should learn a few fundamentals on the importance of our gut health for starters for you to appreciate their interrelation. Keep on reading to know more.  

Our entire intestinal tract—known as the gut—has the largest interface in our body between an individual and their external surroundings. If you consider this, the cell’s single-celled wall that lines the gut is the sole defense line that secures the bloodstream from various types of irritants and toxins that end up in the digestive tract. Certainly, its healthy functioning is vital to almost any part of human health, most especially our mental health. 

The gut is most likely the 2nd brain 

As a matter of fact, the gut has become termed as our body’s second brain basically due to the communication’s direct line the only exists between the gut and the brain. A lot of people are shocked by hearing that 90% of the serotonin of our body is In fact produced in our gut. The connection between these 2 organs is known as the ‘gut-brain axis’, which can surely be somehow driven by the endocannabinoid system. 

Hence, your gut wall’s integrity plays a vital role. You can imagine a perfectly healthy gut lining as one layer of a mesh that’s tightly woven. Remember that it has an extremely essential function, which is to keep the riff-raff—similar to toxins and food particles that are not digested—out of the bloodstream. 

Gut lining injury allows the bad guys to escape 

Once inflammation and/or injury takes place in the gut, it is similar to just thrusting a cheesecloth hole. Now the substances that do not belong will leak into the bloodstream. This situation is known as the intestinal permeability and the leaky gut syndrome. Once delinquent particles reach into your bloodstream where they shouldn’t be, the immune system will suddenly reach on high alert. Once it can observe foreign substances, they start to attack it and you’ll have all types of symptoms. Such symptoms can extend from diarrhea and constipation to gut motility disruption to autoimmune symptoms’ activation. Normally, symptoms can be a non-specific and general feeling of unwellness. Because of this, a lot of health providers claim that “health starts in our gut,” or “prioritize to treat the gut.” 

Now, how does CBD become involved? 

In reality, CBD serves a vital role in both function and the structure of the gut. Keep in mind that our gut has 2 receptors known as CB-1 and CB-2, which backs up the contribution of the endocannabinoid system of our gut health. The major ways our gut health can benefit from CBD includes the fact that: 

  • There’s still an ongoing debate between the gut microbiome and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) 
  • It can impact the motility of our gut 
  • It can affect the production of TNF-alpha 

Storing the Essential Oil Correctly and Properly 

It is very obvious and additional information for those people who don’t know much about the essential oil that it is from the plants and undergo a series of extraction. It is not common as well to see the terpenes for sale especially if it is a pure as it would cost a lot of money and hard to find. With the help of the essential oil, it can be the best way to reduce the possibility of having stress about something but this is not widely accepted by doctors. But of course, for some certain areas and people they would believe about the effectivity of it to them and it helps them to improve the lifestyle of certain people.  

There could be so many ways to keep the essential oil better and how to properly store them to make sure of the effectivity of it whenever you need it.  

  1. Making sure that you have the right bottles or containers for them: You should know first that letting the bottles or containers of the essential be exposed to sunlight would cause a different result and might affect the effectivity of it there. It is nice if you are going to use the dark shaded type of bottles are best one for this one especially if it is always exposed to the sun. It should not be placed within the plastic containers as they might have some chemicals that could be mixed to the content of the plastic containers and bottles as well. Another thing that you have to make sure is the cap that you are going to use in order for it to be sealed and won’t have go out there.  

If you are going to use the recycled bottles then you have to buy some corks that would fit there and be able to have the strong and sealable way. Others would think of using caps with rubbers in the part of it but it is not advisable as it would be better to have the one with solid types. There are many reasons on why you need to avoid the rubber types of caps as well as to prevent the possible leakage in time and might mix with oils.  

  1. Making sure that they are placed to a very nice environment and stable temperature: The first main rule in keeping this is to avoid the bottle from the direct sunlight and make sure that you are going to store this in a safe place. Some of the best spots where you can keep them is inside your bedroom, drawers, and even in the bathroom because you are trying to avoid the sunlight from hitting. Some would even put in the refrigerator to make everything fine.  
  1. Making sure of the effectivity of it by doing evaluation to the quality of it: You should know and evaluate the oil for example, the one which is diluted and the other one which is concentrated. You should know as well the possible life span of each bottled essential oil.