Your safety and privacy are important at We have carefully created privacy statements for both kids and parents to ensure that everyone who visits our Web site has a safe and enjoyable visit. 


Kid's Privacy Policy
Your privacy and safety is important at We encourage your parents to surf the Internet with you and monitor your use of email only for your own protection. We have worked hard to develop a section designed just for you with games, fun activities, contests and member sections that is a fun place to visit when you go online.

When you are online at, we won't ask you to provide us with any personal information. That means you don't have to register to check out the cool and fun things we have for you. If you do decide to join our special "members only" kids section, we promise to keep all your personal information a secret. We never use or sell or trade your personal information with anyone. Be sure to check with your parents before you share any information with anyone on the Internet and before you join any Internet clubs or communities.

If you join our kids section, you receive extra "members only" stuff that is as safe and secure as the rest of our site. follows a law that protects your privacy online-the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. We don't ask for any unnecessary information and we won't sell, rent, post or trade your information with anyone. It's all a secret between you, your parents and Only you and your parents can change any information.

The Member's Only Section
To check out other fun stuff on, you will need to become a special member. This means that you have your own special username and secret password to get to a whole new section of fun stuff. But before you become a member, check with your mom and dad to make sure it's OK to provide your information to us. We will never ask for any information that isn't necessary for you to be a member.

If you decide to join our members section, this is the only information that we need from you:
A screen name and password that you make up and share with your mom and dad
A parent's email address
Your birthday and gender

Your email address
The city and state where you live

We ask for your parent's email address so we can let them know that you joined our members section. This way, they know what's happening and can check out their own section of the Web site.

At any time, you can end your membership in our members only section. Just email us to let us know that you no longer want to be or member (or ask your parents for help). We will quickly delete your information to keep you safe!

Our Links
In a lot of places in our Web site, we have added fun and exciting links for you to visit other sites. Although we try to provide links to only those sites that are safe and kid-friendly, these sites may not follow the same policies that follows. We make every effort to link to only nice sites for you. Unlike, these outsides sites may collect personal information. If you link to any sites from that make you feel uncomfortable, please tell your mom or dad so they can let us know so we can remove the link. We are not responsible for any changes that outside Web sites make to their content or policies.

To view the Parents' Privacy Policy, click here.

If you have any questions about and our privacy policy, click here

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Parent's Privacy Statement
Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information
At, the only use we make of personal information (usually email addresses) is to respond to a question or a request for information from a child. We also use email addresses to award prizes in games or contests featured in our Web site. We do not use this personal information for any other means nor do we provide it to any third parties.

Parental Consent
If should ever decide to collect personal information for any other reasons, we will notify parents that the information is being requested, disclose the reasons for requesting the information as well as our intended use of the information. If we do collect it, parents may request information on the type of data being collected, view their child's information and, if they choose, prohibit us from making further use of their child's information. We will not provide any information to third parties.

Links to Other Sites
When kids link from to other sites, we may have to open an additional browser window for the new site. We make every effort to link to only those sites that we deem appropriate sites for kids. However, unlike, these sites may have different policies on collecting children's information and their online privacy. 

Due to the changing nature of the Internet, this policy may be changed at any time at the discretion of

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Security has worked hard to develop an online environment that is safe, easy to use, and respectful of our your privacy. Our Web site supports secure online purchasing through secure socket layer (SSL) technology. The information that you provide during any ordering processes is encrypted for your protection. When ordering at our site using the secure order form, you will notice either a solid key or closed lock on your browser. Always look for these signs before entering your billing information.

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